We look forward to connecting with you and providing any information on our program, our vision, or how to get involved in the club.

We are so excited to start this journey. We are passionate about rugby and building community, sharing our faith as we live our lives and serve our community.


Phone: (661) 477-9616

Wicus' journey with rugby commenced in his childhood years in South Africa, where he fervently played the sport, making it a substantial part of his lifestyle.
His love for the game and desire to empower young athletes saw him establishing the Kern Youth Rugby Club in California - a testament to his passion and commitment. Under Wicus's guidance, Kern Youth Rugby has become a buzzing hive of rugby activity, shaping countless young talents and nurturing a unique community of sport enthusiasts.
In 2022, Wicus, Michelle and their 3 boys moved to Englewood. He has continued his mission of living out his faith and building community through the sport of rugby. His years of experience in building a youth rugby club from the ground up, coupled with his hands-on knowledge of the game will lay the foundation for success. 




Phone: (661) 281-9899

Michelle's warm and engaging nature nurtures a welcoming and friendly atmosphere at SWFL Sharks. She understands the value of a supportive community in the development of our young players and makes it her mission to ensure parents are as much a part of our club as our athletes.
Her passion for rugby, commitment to our youth and unwavering faith all play instrumental roles in how she connects with all who walk through our doors.
Michelle Postma is more than just a key organizer and connector, she is the heart of our SWFL Sharks family.